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About RVelle

"I've spent years honing my craft as both a Tarot Card Reader and as a Remote Viewer. My combination of skills is unique, and I'm passionate about providing clients with accurate readings that offer insights they can use to navigate life's challenges. I'm honoured to have worked with a diverse range of clients--from movie stars and politicians, to artists and homemakers, to entrepreneurs and CEOs--helping them to solve problems and unlock their potential.


I've been using the same Thoth tarot deck now for over thirty years. I like to think my sensitivities have been passed down from generations of ancestors, going back to my great, great, great granny in Donegal, Ireland who could interpret omens in the weather and in the movement of animals, and who "read the tay" for the people in her village, (Reading the Tay, or tasseomancy, is the art of reading tea leaves, coffee grounds etc.).


Whether you are facing difficult decisions or simply wanting to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, I'm here to help".

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Contact me anytime, and I will get right back to you.

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