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Tarot Card Reader, Remote Viewer, Medium


There is only one RVELLE

Elle (also known as RVElle) provides private, confidential readings, given by phone. Elle's readings combine Tarot Card interpretation and Remote Viewing techniques to accurately identify the energies at work in your life.


Elle's readings can expose what is hidden, and offer provide tangible, practical solutions to help clients overcome challenges, and manifest goals. Elle’s combination of skills creates a unique experience that clients have described as “eerily accurate”, “very specific”, and “astounding”. Elle’s style is practical and to the point and her readings are known to be “detailed”, “inspiring”, and “exceptionally kind”. These readings are intended to empower clients with insights that support progress, growth, and prosperity.

As well as personal readings, Elle uses Remote Viewing to diagnose paranormal activity from a distance, and to connect with Energies (Guides) on behalf of clients. 

How It Works

To book your reading, choose from the Reading Options that are listed below this post. Elle books all appointments via email and gives readings over the phone. Once you decide on the reading you want, simply click the link and follow the instructions in the Reading Description.

  • A Tarot Card Reading by telephone focusing on your Life Path.

    45 min

    100 Canadian dollars
  • A 45-minute Mediumship reading by telephone exploring the Spirit energ...

    45 min

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Investigation into unusual or unexplained activity.

    3 hr

    300 Canadian dollars


Use this form to Email Elle directly with your Booking Request.


She will respond within ~24 hours with appointment times.


Payments are accepted through e-transfer and Paypal. 

Thanks for submitting!

Rebecca, Toronto

Elle was very sweet and kind. I instantly felt like I was talking to an old friend. She gave me great advice and helped me see things from a different perspective. I'm feeling a lot better about my situation and I'm really glad I booked this session. I will definitely book with her again!

Laurel, Toronto

She picked up the prominent characteristics of my personality right away without prompting. Her insights about where I was and the issues I was dealing with were spot on. At the end I felt I had a good sense of positive options and routes for me to take my life. Very grateful for her gifts.

David, Halifax

Elle is truly gifted, she knew things about my life that absolutely no one knows. Her guidance helped me to get through a very difficult time in my life. She was also able to connect with my grandmother and gave me wonderful messages that I will cherish forever.



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